This Tiny Adult King Charles Is Stealing The Hearts Of Dog Lovers Everywhere

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Imagine if the dog you expected to grow into an adult sized canine ended up keeping their puppy form for life. Well, this reality came true for a King Charles owner when she brought home an adorable furry friend named Nessa.

Nessa is a picture-perfect Cavalier King Charles that has taken over Instagram with her tiny stature and adorable features. Though Nessa may look like a teacup breed, her small size is actually just a result of her being the runt of her litter.


The runt of a litter is known to be the smallest, weakest puppy compared to all of their litter mates. While some of these puppies go on to grow to the same adult size as their siblings, some will remain behind in terms of growth and health.

The runt of the litter will often get the short end of the stick when it comes to finding a home, since many breeders and potential owners are too worried about the potential health risks that these puppies can have in the future. Thankfully for Nessa she went on to find a loving owner who has now made her the center of her world.


Nessa is an example of a runt who never quite grew into her standard breed size. Nessa weighs in at a surprisingly tiny weight of 6 pounds at almost 2 years of age, while the standard King Charles usually weighs anywhere from 12-20 pounds. Thankfully, even though she is much tinier than the average Cavalier King Charles, she is still just as healthy!

Once Nessa made her Instagram debut, people around the world fell in love with her perpetual puppy like appearance. Her big brown eyes and teeny frame easily steal the heart of dog lovers everywhere, and not to mention the stylish sweaters and onesies that she’s known to sport in her photos.


Nessa has become so popular among dog enthusiasts that she now has over 191,000 followers on Instagram and an impressive fan base to go along with her newfound fame. Nessa receives fan mail, gorgeous portraits with her as the muse, and is even recognized by her adoring public when she’s out and about in New York City.


It’s no doubt that Nessa’s fan base will continue to grow with the endless supply of cute that she has to offer. We can’t wait to watch her “grow” older over the years to come!

Image Source: Nessathecavalier/Instagram

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